Meet Your Supervisory Committee

Meet Your Supervisory Committee

The volunteer leaders that make up the Supervisory Committee are charged with ensuring credit union practices appropriately safeguard member assets. Elected by the membership, the committee monitors the financial reporting process, the system of internal controls, performance of external and internal auditors and WSECU's process for adhering to laws and regulations.

Want to get in touch with them?

Send an e-mail or write to:
Supervisory Committee
Olympia, WA 98507

Photo of Yolanda R. Wilson
Committee Chair
Yolanda R. Wilson

Yolanda has served on the Committee since 2012. She is the Financial and Administration Officer for Pierce County Community Connections.

Photo of Susan Freese Baker
Committee Member
Susan Freese Baker

Susan was elected to the Supervisory Committee in 2018. She is an Investment Officer for the Washington State Investment Board. 

Photo of David Kuhn
Committee Member
David Kuhn

David was appointed to the Supervisory Committee in 2014. He is the Business Systems and GIS Services Supervisor for the City of Olympia.

Photo of Arlene Smith
Committee Member
Arlene Smith

Arlene was elected to the Supervisory Committee in 2017. She is retired from the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries where she was Information Technology Manager.

Photo of Wendy Weeks
Committee Member
Wendy Weeks

Wendy has been a Committee member since 2013. She works as a Debt Financial Officer for the Debt Management Division of the Office of the State Treasurer.