Doing More for Our Members

Blog Author Kevin Foster-Keddie

Written by: Kevin Foster-Keddie

Published: March 29, 2016

Found in: 2015 Annual Report

Last year ended with some amazing news. Consumer Reports magazine included WSECU in its issue on banking.  Consumer Reports is renowned for its credibility. It accepts no advertising and like WSECU, is a not-for-profit organization with no shareholders. We didn't ask for consideration for inclusion. Reader feedback led to WSECU's spot on the list. See how well we fared.

In this case reader feedback is, of course, member feedback. It fuels us. Listening to and acting on member input is part of the structure of a cooperative. Your suggestions on how we could serve you better led to several initiatives in 2015.

Branch employees can create debit cards right in the branch "on demand" so that members can walk out the door with an active card in hand when opening an account or when a replacement is needed. You now can make loan payments online with a credit card. We're shoring up staffing to be sure that the Contact Center has the resources and team in place to answer your calls without extended wait times. We revamped our credit card program and members now can have a feature-enhanced EMV Platinum credit card.

We're paying equal attention not only to service but also to safety. Protecting your account and data requires constant vigilance to keep ahead of changing threats. We invested considerably in data security last year with plans for more in 2016. On a related note, the loss prevention team handled nearly 6,000 fraud claims, up from 4,440 in 2014. We hate when fraud happens to members, but we'll be there to help you through it if it does.

Being a good employer is just as important to us as doing the right thing by members. Only engaged, satisfied employees can authentically deliver outstanding member service. We've focused on training and improving opportunities for professional advancement to expand career paths. One success story last year is that 16 out of 20 open jobs in our member service leadership positions were filled internally.

This report reveals a healthy financial performance and a reflection of our commitment to the communities we serve - our community of members and the greater communities where we live and work.

Kevin Foster-Keddie
President & CEO