Meet Our CRCs

Photo of Josh Bergman
Community Relations Coordinator
Josh Bergman

Josh has been in the financial services industry for several years. He loves helping members find financial independence and peace of mind. Over the years, he has seen firsthand how being able to effectively manage finances eliminates stress and how it can strengthen relationships. Gaining insight from those he is able to help is something he values. He is a certified financial coach and he's especially talented at working with kids in the classroom – they love and respect him. And...he's just an all-around good guy. If you have the chance to work with Josh, we highly recommend it.

Area served: Eastern Washington

Photo of Karen Childs
Community Relations Coordinator
Karen Childs

Karen's extensive career has been dedicated to the financial services industry. She loves working with schools and community partners to help educate both grown-ups and kids by giving them the know-how and the tools to gain a good understanding of sound money management and to be poised for financial success. You'll find Karen offering financial coaching (she's a certified financial coach, too), teaching workshops, facilitating a variety of community events and dedicating time to several financial literacy committees. She looks forward to continuing the charge to help members and those in our communities meet their financial goals and enjoy success in everyday life. She's super friendly and willing to help in any way she can – you can always count on Karen!

Area served: Northwestern Washington (King County and north)

Photo of Brian Duerr
Community Relations Coordinator
Brian Duerr

Brian is committed to helping WSECU members achieve financial wellness. From leading workshops on identify theft and preparing for life’s financial milestones to lending a hand in the community, Brian brings a wealth of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to every aspect of his job. He is passionate about working with youth and empowering underserved communities around our state. He’s also a sports enthusiast and is always willing to strike up a conversation about anything baseball

Area served: Southwest Washington (Lacey and Pierce County)

Photo of Suzanne Klenk
Community Relations Coordinator
Suzanne Klenk

Suzanne is one of our top-notch financial educators. She works with members and community groups to help them learn about financial wellness topics such as budgeting, credit, identity theft and fraud. She also teaches special courses for young people. Backed by a significant amount of industry experience, she is a certified financial coach and is skilled at helping members work through difficult situations. Suzanne was the "Money Matters" expert on KOMO 4's Northwest Afternoon and the financial whiz for King 5's New Day Northwest with Margaret Larsen. She has a wonderfully warm and approachable style that makes her a sought-after presenter across the state.

Area served: Southwestern Washington (Thurston County and south)