Check Deposit Options

Have a check to deposit? Even if you can't make it into one of our branches, you've got options.

Mobile Deposit

Use your WSECU Mobile Banking app to make a deposit, even on the go.

Quick Tip

The first $2,000.00 of your mobile deposit is available immediately; any amount above $2,000.00 will be held for two business days.

To help keep track of which checks you've already deposited, we recommend marking the check after you've made the deposit. Simply write "Mobile Deposit" and the date on the check so it isn't inadvertently deposited again, resulting in a returned item.

Check out our Mobile Deposit how to's and tips.


Visit a WSECU or CO-OP® deposit-taking ATM to deposit checks or cash.

Quick Tip

The first $500.00 of your check deposit is made available immediately; any amount above $500.00 will be held for one business day.

Shared Branching

If you can't visit one of our branches, Shared Branching is a great in-person alternative. The Shared Branching network is made up of credit unions that have formed a partnership to serve one another's members.

Find a Shared Branching location near you.


You can always mail in your deposit to WSECU, PO Box WSECU, Olympia, WA 98507.

Quick Tips

  • Endorse the check.
  • Write "For deposit only."
  • Include the last four digits of your account number and share or loan number: e.g., Account XXX1234, Savings S01.