Chip Card FAQs
Why do I have to have a chip card?

Using a chip card will help to protect your account and the credit union as a whole from losses due to counterfeit card fraud. The embedded chip processes each transaction made at a chip-enabled terminal using a one-time code instead of swiping the magnetic stripe and storing the card data in a merchant's system. Using the chip to make your in-store purchases will lower the likelihood of compromises to card information at retailers - there's no data stored or available to be stolen. We believe chip technology provides an extra layer of security and flexibility without compromising convenience or familiarity.

Why did it take so long for WSECU to get chip cards?

Many members have been anxiously waiting for chip-enabled debit (and other card type) cards - we truly appreciate you sticking it out with us! This project was a big undertaking and we're careful to make business decisions judiciously. Now that all the pieces have come together, we can make chip cards available.  

Will my chip card work abroad?

Yes! As of 2014, VISA requires all terminals to accept every type of payment. If you run into any issues using your chip-enabled card overseas, please let us know so we can alert Visa of the incompatible merchant or terminal.

How will the chip change how my card works?

Rather than swiping your card, you insert it, chip-side up into the terminal and follow the prompts. For debit cards, you will still have the option to choose PIN or signature as long as the merchant supports both options.

What's different about using a PIN with a chip-enabled credit card?

Our credit cards are equipped for chip-and-signature transactions. Credit card PINs can only be used at ATMs for cash withdrawals.  

Can payment options vary depending on the merchant?

Yes. Not all merchant terminals accept both debit and credit chip cards; some continue to only support swiping with the magnetic stripe. Follow the prompts on the merchant's card reader to determine which feature is available.

Why does the card design still look the same?

A redesign would have prolonged the delay in issuing chip cards, so the decision was made to look redesigning them in the future.

When am I going to get my new chip card?

Cards are currently being reissued in stages. You can wait for yours to be reissued or if you don't want to wait, you can stop by your local branch or give our Contact Center a call and request one.

Will my card number change?

No - all card numbers will remain the same. Depending on when your card is issued, you may have a new expiration date. In these cases, if you have recurring payments set up on your card, be sure to update the expiration date.  

If I don't activate my new chip card, will my current magnetic stripe card work until it expires?

Yes, you can still use your magnetic stripe card until the expiration date. You will automatically receive another new chip card with an updated expiration date.

Will my Rewards points be affected?

No - there are no changes to Reward points or the redemption program. 

I have a Rebate credit card - can I keep it?

Yep! We know our Rebate cardholders are big fans of the traditional rebate program and you'll receive a Rebate chip card.