How Do Authorized Signers on Visa Credit Cards Work?

The option to add an authorized signer allows you the flexibility to provide Visa® credit cards tied to your Visa line of credit. It's an option if you want to provide a payment method to those you trust without having to be there to swipe your card. Each authorized signer will be issued a personalized card, but with the same card number as yours.

What is an Authorized Signer?

An authorized signer on a Visa line of credit is someone who has been issued a credit card to perform transactions, but is not a signer on the line of credit.

Quick Facts
  • The authorized signer does not have access to account information, such as balances, credit limit and transaction history.
  • Authorized signers do not have the ability to request replacement cards, make inquiries on declined transactions or ask for card or account support.
  • The credit card issued to the authorized signer will have the same number and use the same Personal Identification Number (PIN) as the primary accountholder's card.
  • The authorized signer is not responsible for making Visa payments.
  • Activity on Visa accounts is not reported on an authorized signer's credit history.
How to Add or Remove an Authorized Signer:

Complete the Visa Request form.

Where to return the form:
  • At your nearest branch
  • By fax – 360.570.3523
  • By mail – WSECU, Attn: Card Services, PO Box WSECU, Olympia, WA 98507

Quick Tips

  • If your Visa line of credit has a joint member, their information goes in the co-applicant section and both the primary and joint should sign the form.
  • Be sure to include complete information for the authorized signers (name, address, Social Security Number and date of birth).
  • If you return the form to a branch, we can create any new cards during your visit. If you'd prefer to mail or fax the form in, we'll order them and they'll arrive in the mail.