How Overdraft Privilege Works

Our checking accounts can be tied to a number of products for overdraft protection, but sometimes you need an additional safety net for unexpected expenses. That's where Overdraft Privilege (ODP) comes in.

How does the program work?

Our ODP program is tailored to your specific needs. You determine which types of transactions you'd like covered. ODP is automatically provided to cover outstanding checks, in-person withdrawals, return deposit items and electronic transactions as long as you maintain qualifying deposits. You can also opt in to allow ODP to cover your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.

We consider the length of time you've had your account with us as well as the deposits you've made to your checking account in the past month to determine a customized ODP amount to provide you coverage while protecting you from the hardship of becoming overextended.

If your account doesn't have sufficient funds and ODP kicks in, transactions that would have been returned or declined for non-sufficient funds will be allowed to clear up to your established limit. Your account will be assessed an Overdraft Privilege fee for each item paid.

We'll send you a notice each time Overdraft Privilege covers a transaction for you. At that time, you'll need to make a deposit to clear the overdraft*.

*The account must be brought positive at least once every 35 days. We will not pay an overdraft if: 1) Your ODP limit has been reached or 2) your ODP limit has been suspended or revoked.