Platinum Visa Card FAQs
Why are you converting all consumer Visa credit cards to this new Platinum Visa® card?

All financial institutions are required to convert to EMV Chip Technology. Since we needed to convert our existing cards to meet this requirement, it was the perfect time to make some upgrades and enhancements. Everyone will enjoy the same features and benefits – you can see what they are a little further down the page.

Is everyone who has a WSECU credit card getting this new Platinum card?

Yes – everyone who has a consumer Visa will receive the new card. Business Platinum cards are not affected at this time.

Will my rate and limit change?

Your Visa card rate is variable and subject to change as defined in the credit card disclosure you received when your card was issued.  However, your rate will not change as a result of converting to the new Visa Platinum Rewards card, nor will your credit limit. 

Is my card number changing?

Yes – all the new Platinum Visa cards will have new numbers on them.

Does this mean I’ll need to update the payment information I have on file with merchants, etc.?

Yes - you'll need to update your payment information with the new number and also notify any payees with whom you have recurring payments. Additionally, if you have your current WSECU credit card connected to Apple Pay, you'll need to update that too.

I have more than one credit card with you. How will I be able to tell the difference?

There are two ways to verify which card is assigned which credit limit and what account it's associated with:        

  • Online Banking - the last four digits of the card number and the credit limit are now listed underneath each Visa card on the Account Summary page.       
  • On your Visa statement - the last four digits of your credit card number and the last few digits of the associated account are listed at the top of your statement.
Will I be able to go into a branch and get a new Platinum Visa card issued instantly?

Yes! We can print your card on demand at any branch. 

How quickly can I convert my current card to the new Platinum card?

You can convert your current card any time. Online Banking is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Here's a rundown of your options:

  • Online Banking - Go to "Convert My Credit Card" under the Apply tab
  • Your local branch
  • By calling 800.562.0999
How long do I have to activate my new card once I receive it?

It’s the same time period as it is now – you’ll have 60 days from the day you request it. If it isn’t activated in that timeframe, it will be blocked for your security.  Your current credit card will remain active for 45 days after you’ve requested your new Platinum card.

The Fun Stuff
What are the features & benefits of the new Platinum card?

We took the best features and benefits of our current cards and added some new ones to make this card even better.

Here’s what the new card offers:

  • New: EMV Chip Technology
  • New: Ability to redeem Reward points to cash
  • New: Special balance transfer offer on new credit and converted cards (full details on our credit card page.)
  • New: Personal identity theft coverage
  • New: Lost luggage reimbursement

And the best of the old:

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No over limit fee
  • No annual fee
  • No-fee balance transfers
  • 25-day interest-free grace period
  • Optional overdraft coverage
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Car rental protection
  • See Important Credit Card Disclosures for full details
Reward Points
Are there still Reward points?

Yes! All existing Reward points you have now will be transferred to your new card. And there’s something new and exciting with the Rewards program: redeeming your points for cash.

How do I redeem my points for cash and how do I receive it?
  • You’ll be able to choose to have your points redeemed for cash through the Visa Rewards website.
  • You can also set up your points to be automatically converted to cash through the Visa Rewards website.
  • The funds can be deposited into your savings or checking account to use as you please, including making a payment to your Visa card.
  • The funds can also be applied as a credit to your Visa statement – the important thing to know is that the credit will not count as a payment. While it will reduce the amount you owe, it will not count as a payment. You’ll still be required to make your minimum payment.
  • Once you’ve redeemed your points for cash, it takes about two weeks for the funds to be deposited to your account or credited to your Visa statement.
What is staying the same with the Rewards program?
  • Reward points will automatically move over to your new card.
  • Point values will stay the same: One point per each $1 charged.
  • Points will still be combined with debit card points under the same account number.
  • You can still use your points to donate to a charity that’s listed on the Rewards site.

The point structure to redeem points for cash will be as follows – as always, please note this is subject change:

  • 2,500 points = $25
  • 5,000 points = $50
  • 7,500 points = $75
  • 10,000 points = $100
  • 25,000 points = $250
EMV Chip Technology
How does EMV Chip Technology Work?

The chip is embedded in the card and generates a unique, one-time code every time the card is used. That one-time code makes it extremely hard to duplicate the card number, significantly reducing the risk of fraud. EMV secures transactions with enhanced functionality in three areas:

  1. Card authentication
  2. Cardholder verification
  3. Transaction authorization

It’s important to note that this enhanced security only comes into play when using the card at an EMV terminal. The magnetic stripe will still be on the new Platinum card. When the card is swiped, EMV Chip Technology is not being used.

Why will the new Platinum card still have the magnetic stripe?

Not all U.S. merchants and retailers – especially smaller merchants – have the new EMV terminals, so the magnetic strip is still needed to conduct transactions.

How do I use the new card at EMV terminals?

The new buzz phrase to describe using an EMV card is “dip the chip.” Instead of swiping the card, you slide or “dip” it at the terminal.

Where can I use the EMV Chip Technology feature?

Any retailer or merchant that has an EMV terminal. For example, Walmart currently has these terminals installed. More and more merchants will be installing them in the months to come. You can also use them for international travel! I’ve heard the new Platinum card will have a Chip & Signature feature – what is that? Chip & Signature means a receipt will be printed that you will need to sign.