Skip-a-Pay: When You Need A Little Extra Wiggle Room

If some extra cash would come in handy on occasion, our Skip-a-Pay program gives you the flexibility to skip a payment* on the following loans:

  • Auto
  • RV (including boat and motorcycle)
  • Visa® cards (Business Visa cards excluded)
  • Personal
  • Share-secured

You can even skip multiple payments occurring in the same month (e.g., your auto loan payment and your Visa payment).

Want to skip one or more of your payments? We make it easy – there are three ways to do it:

  • Sign in to Online Banking.
    • The Skip-a-Pay option is available under the Payments tab.
    • To complete the process, you'll need funds available in your savings or checking to cover the finance charge*.
  • Call the Contact Center at 800.562.0999.
  • Stop by your local branch.

Questions? Just give us a call or stop by. We're here for you!

*A $25 processing fee per consumer loan and a $15 processing fee per Visa account will be deducted from your savings or checking account. Loans must have originated 120 days prior to be eligible. FINANCE CHARGES will continue to accrue on unpaid balance at your current rate during the skip period. By deferring the payment on your loan, your loan repayment schedule and the total amount you pay for FINANCE CHARGES may be greater than stated on your initial loan disclosure. There must be a minimum of 90 days between skipped payments. Payments can be skipped up to three times in a 12-month period. If you elected GAP or Warranty Coverage, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date. If you make your payments via direct deposit (ACH) from this or another financial institution your ACH origination will not be put on hold. All deferrals are subject to WSECU approval. Loan(s) must be current to accept this offer. Loans with a delinquent payment history may be ineligible. The maximum usage of the Skip-a-Pay program for closed-end loans is limited to six times over the life of the loan. Excludes all business, student, real estate, Smart Solution and Q-Cash loans. Additional restrictions may apply.