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Blog Author Suzanne Klenk

Written by: Suzanne Klenk

Published: January 26, 2016


Recently, I was facilitating a Financial Wellness Workshop and afterward I was approached by one of the attendees. I was expecting a question about the content or a request for financial coaching assistance, but to my delight and surprise he said, “I love your enthusiasm. You must really like your job.” My response, “I LOVE what I do. It isn’t just a job; it’s a career that feeds my passion for service.”

As we begin 2016 and I enter my 18th year here at WSECU, I wanted to really explore why I love working for WSECU. As an employer, WSECU is one of the best. When considering things that most people look at when deciding where to work such as stability, competitive wages, room for advancement, medical, dental, vacation, etc., WSECU ranks high on the scale. For example, 401Ks are pretty standard and most employers contribute something to their employee’s retirement accounts. Here at WSECU, 8.5% of our annual salary is contributed to our 401K along with an annual update and assistance in retirement planning! Yes, 8.5%!!! Let me tell you, at 50, I am paying better attention to things like this and my advice to everyone is to pay attention!

But look a little deeper and there are some real differences that make WSECU a place you want to establish a career.

Corporate commitment is important. In a time when we are all looking to spend our money locally and with companies that share our values, working for a credit union that is genuinely active in the improvement of the communities it serves…priceless. And even more exciting, each employee is given 8 hours of PAID volunteer time to serve a charitable cause that is important to us. Empowerment of Employees to make a difference, that is a cornerstone of philosophy here at WSECU. In 2015, I used my time to volunteer at GRuB and the United Way. GRuB is a non-profit organization that partners youth and people with low-incomes to create empowering individual and community food solutions, all to inspire positive personal and community change by bringing people together around food and agriculture.

But, by far, the BEST employee benefit is the people. I believe I walk with heroes. Every day, WSECU employees make a difference in our members’ lives. We are a cooperative and by nature and intention, we are problem solvers and stakeholders in the financial wellbeing of the communities we serve. These people are not just employees; they are ambassadors, warriors and caretakers of our collective vision. I am so very proud to be here, to share in work that makes a difference, every day. Retirement party or pine box…only way I’m going anywhere…

Check us out on YouTube – here we will introduce ourselves to you. I just recently watched them all again and for me, it’s a renewal of commitment. For you, it may be a career change?

Suzanne Klenk