A Tour of New Market Skills Center’s Business Academy

Blog Author Stephanie Tocher

Written by: Stephanie Tocher, Financial Services Instructor

Published: April 20, 2015

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A Tour of New Market Skills Center's Business Academy

I'm part of the Community Relations team at WSECU and the Business Academy instructor at New Market Skills Center in Tumwater.

WSECU's partnership with New Market started 26 years ago with a branch located on campus to work alongside students in the classroom. Since then, Tumwater Town Center has been the training ground for the students and has continued supporting student success in the classroom since that time. In fact, through the years several employees in our WSECU family have come from New Market. The program offers high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to build skills and knowledge that will set them up for any career field they may be interested in after graduation. WSECU offers practical hands-on job shadowing and internships for Business Academy students as well as scholarships for college. You may see some of the students in the branches if you visit our Martin Way or Tumwater Town Center branches.

The end of first semester has come upon us, so looking back from September to January, students have been studying the psychology behind delivering great customer service. They've been practicing their customer service skills through projects such as creating a tour committee to provide New Market visitors with a tour of the campus and the 12 different programs available to them. Students have also committed to hosting five blood drives this school year (as well as two summer drives), which is a first in our region. We have two more left to go. We also have a Social Media committee who make sure the public can see all of the great things that are going on at New Market through the New Market Facebook page. All of these projects help them fatten up their resumes as well as help them understand what employers are looking for as they begin their journey in the competitive world of gainful employment.

Now that the second half of the school year has begun, students will be focusing on the financial literacy piece of creating a successful life for themselves. I hope you'll stay connected for the updates coming from the classroom. See what the students have to say....maybe hosting another Reality Fair with WSECU is in the future....

Stay tuned!

Stephanie Tocher