Balance Your Finances with a Simple Transfer

Ryan Brooks

Written by: Ryan Brooks

Published: February 24, 2017

Tis the season to be paying off holiday spending, from gifts to holiday travel almost everyone has some bills they are starting to pay down. For myself, this year was a bit more hectic than normal. It was my son's first Christmas, my first Christmas where saying "no" was not as easy as before. We ended up getting him a bouncy horse, books, some clothes, and of course every toy imaginable. In addition, our family descended on our house to see our son's first Christmas. This meant a bigger dinner, with more appetizers and drinks for a wide array of people. Needless to say, this was just one of the major spending that occurred during the month.

Regardless of holiday spending or other types of bills, balance transfers offer a number of benefits to us as consumers. Here are a few:

Save Money

This one might be a little obvious, but who doesn't like paying less interest? This is like free money in our pockets!

Consolidate Payments

My personal favorite. By simply reducing one bill it means one less place I have to go pay, less room for error that could impact my credit and added simplicity in tracking all of my debit.

Transfer any type of bill

That new couch with the high interest rate, the credit card from another financial institution, and the ring you just bought your loved one for Valentine's Day are all great options to consolidate with the balance transfer offer.

No Balance Transfer Fees!

Most financial institutions have a balance transfer fee*. Not WSECU!

WSECU is always trying to offer our members the best options for each product and service. A no-fee balance transfer option can offer our members the potential to save and consolidate. Give us a call or stop by for more information.  

Ryan Brooks, Consumer Lending Systems Manager  

*See Important Credit Card Disclosures for details.