Communication is an Art

Blog Author Mallory Henkel

Written by: Mallory Henkel

Published: June 24, 2015

Found in: Education

Since this being my first time writing something to be publicly viewed, I thought I would let you know a little about me before I begin. A little flashback for you all, I'm from Boston (WICKED is the term we use most often) and lived there for 23 years of my life!  You can call me a "True Bostonian" almost. My parents are from California, though we lived in the Boston area majority of my life. My parents never really adapted to the "culture," as well as the "accent" living in Boston. I think it's just something that's a part of you and stays with you, even when you leave. I always puzzled people by my Cali/Boston twang wherever I went. 

Since being employed by WSECU, I have been working on my communication skills in and outside of work. Honestly, people here are so friendly and supportive that it was kind of frightening. Made me realize I needed to work on my way of communicating and also my way of thinking. Washington was a bit of a culture shock to me when I first moved here, as even the general public can be so friendly and caring for one another.  

Washington's culture really became highlighted to me when I got hired by WSECU. Never have I worked in such a caring and sincere work environment where people are willing and wanting to help each other, even management. When I first moved here, I wasn't really expecting to like it nor find such a great place to work. When you actually enjoy where you work and the people you work with, it makes you want to grow as a person to your best potential. Having such a different idea of what communication is and moving to a different environment where communicating is encouraging helped me look at my own style in a different light. I've always known I need to work on my communication skills, but I had no idea where to begin. Thankfully my manager gave me a starting point, so I didn't feel so overwhelmed - because once that overwhelming feeling comes over me, I just quit. But through encouragement, literature, projects, exercises and an amazing work family, I have come a long way with my communication.  

Honestly it's been a lot of work as well as trial and error but I know it's worth it in the end. I have built great relationships with friends and family outside of work as well as others that I work with. No feeling is greater than that. Every day is an opportunity and that excites me! Looking back to see how far I have come, I love the person I am becoming. Communication is a true art as everyone has their own interpretation and there is no right or wrong way. Sometimes you just have to be a chameleon and switch up your style here and there to meet what is required at the time. Personally I wanted to change my style as I felt not myself and was just playing a part that was required of me. Through experience and of course trial and error, I have discovered what works for me but also relate to others in their style of communication. I encourage you to reflect on yourself and see if you're just playing a part or in fact being what you want to be; ultimately "YOURSELF."    

Mallory Henkel