Going Directly to the Source

Blog Author Alexandra Mowrey

Written by: Alex Mowrey

Published: August 10, 2016

Found in: News/Press

One of the things that I love about WSECU is how much we value member feedback and that we don't just wait around for it. In fact, many times we're the ones reaching out first! We understand how incredibly important it is to seek out voices other than our own. But why do we do it?

Feedback is an important way to deepen our understanding of our members and take a meaningful look internally. What are we doing well? How can we improve? Our intent is to be as in tune as possible with the people we serve and we try very, very hard to do that. So how do we pursue enlightenment? That's where usability testing comes in.

Usability testing is one of the many tools we use to evaluate new products and services. We do that by inviting a small group of our members to have an exclusive look into our newest offerings. One by one we sit with them, and listen and watch as they engage with these new experiences. That's it.  We listen and use that feedback to improve the member's experience.

And we don't just test new products. We use this and other tools to take an in-depth look at existing products. As our membership continues to evolve, we strive to evolve alongside.  

Here at WSECU we're always looking for innovative ideas and ways to provide members with products and services that directly benefit them. Getting feedback in face-to-face is invaluable and these usability studies provide essential insight into how our membership interacts with WSECU. It helps ensure that we deliver things that are easy to use, intuitive, and actually helpful. These things should make your life easier and banking with WSECU better.  

As WSECU's User Experience Designer, this is an exciting opportunity for me to work side by side with members as they interact with our products. Each user brings his or her own unique perspective and preferences, so no two experiences are exactly alike. This might sound obvious, but it's not until you witness it firsthand that the significance starts to sink in. Think about it: not one user behaves the same way. This presents exciting opportunities to find and implement solutions that not only delight our members, but help them accomplish their goals.  

At the end of the day, we're making every effort to give all our members a fantastic, seamless experience every time our products are used. But we don't know what we don't know...and when we know more, we can do better!  Remember: your voice is powerful...and we're listening! Give us a shout out using our brand new feedback tab located to the right of your screen.  

Thank you for being a part of this important journey.  

Alexandra Mowrey