Growing in Our Communities

Blog Author Gary Swindler

Written by: Gary Swindler

Published: August 19, 2015

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Having a physical presence in the communities we serve has always been a balancing act of providing the level of service our members need and expect from us with where it made good sense from a financial perspective. Historically, determining branch locations was primarily driven by moderate to high-population density of public service agencies in specific communities.

When we opened membership in our cooperative to serve the greater Washington community in 2013, it opened the door for us to add branches in areas our members have advocated for that were also wise investments of the money they entrust us with. It also gave us the opportunity to increase and expand our commitment of supporting our communities beyond providing financial services.

Our most recent addition took place last year in Central Washington, where we opened a branch in Ellensburg to step in for CWU Federal Credit Union and welcome their members into our WSECU family. It was an area of the state we wanted to establish a presence and this was the perfect opportunity to do it.

This year has given us the chance to open two branches in areas where we have an established membership base and are also good markets for new members. The first is in the South Hill area of Puyallup, which will open September 21. We have a few hundred members in this area who will be happy to have us there and we are actively engaging with the community now to introduce ourselves, provide support where we can and bring awareness to those who may want to join us.

In mid-November, our Federal Way Dash Point branch is slated to open. There are several public service agencies in the area, which gives us the chance to serve our core members there. It's also a community we believe has need for a credit union to offset the number of large banks. As our members know, being part of a cooperative has many benefits and we look forward to offering our services and supporting the Federal Way community.

In this digital age where consumers are choosing to manage their finances more and more through online and mobile channels, it's still important to have a physical presence in key areas. This not only gives you, our members, a convenient place to handle more complex transactions that digital services can't, it also gives you the option to interact with us face to face in the friendly branch environment that WSECU is known for.

A physical presence and a personal touch are things we believe there will always be a need for and we intend to meet that need. We're really looking forward to this growth in our communities, now and in the months to come.

Gary Swindler