How Q-Cash Plus Helped Me

Blog Author Shana Konschuh

Written by: Shana Konschuh, Manager, Consumer Lending Product Manager

Published: April 18, 2016

Found in: Loans

What do you do when you fall in love with a 19th century Victorian bed that would fit fabulously into your beautiful new home and all of your cash is tied up in the sale of your old home? 

This was the situation I found myself in last year. I was in the middle of selling my home and unfortunately it required some expensive repairs that drained my cash. I had been working with an antiques dealer to find the bed I envisioned and when she sent me the photos of a gorgeous eight-foot-tall Victorian, I knew it was the one! I did not want to risk having someone else buy it before I could so I took advantage of a Q-Cash Plus loan, one of WSECU's most innovative banking products to make this purchase happen. This is my story...  

I knew I would not have enough cash to buy the bed until I closed on the sale of my house the following week. As an employee of WSECU, I knew that Q-Cash Plus was a hassle-free loan that would not impact my credit and as a long standing member of WSECU with a solid direct deposit history, I knew that I would be able to get the funds that I needed.  So I ran some calculations to figure out the cost of taking out a Q-Cash Plus loan including the $25 fee and the interest that I would accrue for the number of days I anticipated having the loan.   

In the end, I did not want to risk that someone else would buy my bed before I could so I took 10 minutes and opened a Q-Cash Plus loan and had the money I needed right away at a cost that I was comfortable with. I purchased the bed that day and slept on it that night!  With all the stress and hassle of selling a home, I was grateful for the painless experience that allowed me to have access to the cash I needed to pull off this purchase.   

This story is just one example of how members like me can take advantage of the benefits of a Q-Cash Plus loan. So, if you need quick and easy access to funds for a short period of time and do not want your credit affected, then Q-Cash Plus is a great option for you just as it was for me!  

Shana Konschuh, Consumer Lending Product Manager