‘How to’ Videos: A Way to Support You

Blog Author Tyler Baccus

Written by: Tyler Baccus, Application Support Specialist, E-Services

Published: January 20, 2016

Found in: Services

Here at WSECU, we have been deliberating about an effective way to help support you when you use our products in Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Needless to say the previous support material is lacking a certain useful, modern and updated feel. We wanted to create something that was relevant and easily accessible for both members and employees alike, so they see what you see and vice versa. Out with old and in with the new!

We put our creative heads together and decided to shoot some “How to” videos of our newer Mobile Banking products to start: Fingerprint Authentication, Quick Balance and Mobile Deposit for both Android and iOS, which you’ll find on our WSECU YouTube channel. We know videos are not for everyone and if you find yourself still having questions about how to use any of our products, do not hesitate to call us or send us a secured message through Online Banking.

Why would a member want to watch these? It takes barely any time to watch them; we know you folks are busy, hardworking people and do not necessarily have time to sit down at learn all the ins and outs with our new products and services. Our goal is to give you a low effort way of understanding our new products. Feel free to watch them anytime/anywhere as there is no verbal instruction, only text on the screen. We also want to hear what you think about our new videos; after all, we made them thinking of you, our member!

Get out your smartphones, tablets and laptops and hit yourself with some Mobile Banking knowledge! Stay tuned for more “how to” videos for Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Tyler Baccus