Keeping Up in the Contact Center

Blog Author Briana Chamberlain

Written by: Briana Chamberlain, Manager, Contact Center

Published: February 8, 2016

Found in: News/Press

We’re listening! We understand that in recent months, wait times to speak to a Contact Center representative when you call WSECU have not consistently met your standards – or ours. Please know we’re working to resolve the issue and return service levels to meet and exceed your expectations. Calling the Contact Center isn’t what it used to be. Historically, calls were predominantly centered around simpler activities such as checking balances, transferring money, seeing what checks/debits have cleared accounts, etc. Today, our convenient mobile and online tools help most members take care of those activities on a self-service basis.

Your needs for support are evolving and we’re evolving with you. In the Contact Center, we see this as our ability to be your safety net; providing support for more complex calls such as Online and Mobile Banking troubleshooting; questions and concerns around the risk of fraud; increased guidance in a changing financial climate and much more. This evolution in the types of calls we receive has resulted in longer average talk time for each call. In other words, the calls are more complex, which means our support is more complex. We want to give each member the time he or she deserves. Meanwhile, the result has been an increase in overall wait times for other members holding for their turn. And let's face it: for some of you, it has been a long wait. Given the Contact Center averages nearly 70,000 calls per month, the added time per call has had a significant impact.

We are fixing this. We're growing the team in a significant way. Right now, our focus is on recruiting more top-notch member service representatives and getting them the training they need to be your advocate. We have also engaged an outside consulting firm that has expertise with credit union contact centers to help us find areas of opportunity to improve wait times while providing the valuable member experience you expect from us.

If you’ve experienced frustration in the recent past for your hold times, we are sorry. We're confident you’ll see improvement going forward as we invest in our commitment to serve you.

Briana Chamberlain