Little Life Lessons on Saving Money

Blog Author Lisa Beach

Written by: Lisa Beach

Published: April 17, 2015

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Little Life Lessons on Saving Money

It wasn't until I was facing my 30s when I really, I mean really, realized the value of a dollar. Up until that point I didn't have kids, lived with my hand on the debit card ready to swipe away with anything I really thought I needed. My husband and I had a lovely home, reasonable cars, and could pick up and go whenever we wanted. We still have our lovely home, one another and yes, a new baby, well... toddler now. Life has changed a bit. Let me tell you about what life was like for me a few years ago.

Back in 2007-ish, one of my pastimes was selling on eBay. I loved watching my items sell and bidders trying to outbid one another in the last moments of the auction. The economy was thriving and my auctions were doing well. People would fight to get one of my awesome, vintage salt and pepper shakers my mom gave me because she had too many. It was a great time to simplify and sell. eBay was the outlet for my simplification. People were bidding and outbidding for my stuff and it was good. I had extra money that I could throw back to the economy.

Well, that time has come and gone. Rewind to 2008. The economy tanked and people all around the country were feeling the crunch. My listings were on eBay just waiting to be swooped up. Nothing happened. I continued to list my things all the time taking note as to how many people were looking and bidding. I was shocked to see things just sit there, static. It felt like suddenly everyone had their eye on their pocketbooks and no one was willing to part with their sweet money. That's when it hit me; it takes a lot to make a dollar.

Earning a dollar can be tough. Spending a dollar is easy. Think about having $20 cash in your wallet. You go to the store, buy a magazine, some gum and a coffee. Poof! Suddenly you have $6 left. A whole $6, really? You can take that $6 and easily spend it on a lunch out. If you sit back and think about that dollar you started with and how hard it was to make it, would you have spent it?

My point is this; it's what you do with your earned dollar that can be a hard decision. Choosing to spend your money on something meaningful and long-lasting has a bigger impact on your family than on the vintage salt and pepper shakers that may ultimately just sit in a cupboard and collect dust. Boo-Hoo. I still live in reality though. I buy things that I probably don't need, but want. The difference now is that I truly challenge myself to make sure I am making a good decision with my purchases. I am a bargain hunter by nature whether that is on a new pair of boots, or the groceries on sale at the market. I want a deal.

In my blogs I hope to tell you all about the different areas to save your dollars. My goal is to help you figure out where you can save money. After I found myself with too many things to sell on eBay that wouldn't be worth my time or effort I took a step back and decided that I would do something bigger. It was my goal to challenge my everyday thinking and spending to make sure I was making the best choice to benefit myself, family, but ultimately my financial happiness.

Lisa Beach