Our Financial Curriculum is Going Digital!

Blog Author Josh Bergman

Written by: Josh Bergman

Published: April 20, 2015

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Our Financial Curriculum is Going Digital!

The Community Relations Department is embarking on the task of digitizing our financial literacy curriculum, currently known as The Vault. This is an effort to bring the curriculum into more classrooms around Washington, as well as throughout the country.

Community Relations is changing the paper curriculum and giving it a digital twist. We hope to make it even more exciting and engaging, with interactive activities and thought-provoking videos. Since the curriculum was originally created, education and teaching techniques have changed significantly. To keep up with education standards and make the content relevant, we plan to meet the students where they are. Most every student now has a cell phone and/or access to the Internet and for many, life revolves around technology and their ability to access information anywhere, anytime. Our dream is that we give students the ability to not only easily access our financial education through their electronic device, but also that they find the information engaging.

With help from the Gear Up organization as well as help from several other WSECU departments, we are now in the beginning phases for adapting the curriculum. For several years, WSECU has partnered with Gear Up. They use our financial curriculum exclusively when teaching Gear Up students. We now plan to take that partnership to the next level. By putting our financial education online, we make the information available to anyone. Gear Up plans to require the digitized curriculum for anyone receiving the special need grant in Washington. This would include nearly 80,000 students. In addition to the Gear Up students already going through our curriculum, parents/guardians of these students also access this information. Together with the number of students WSECU works with who aren’t part of Gear Up, we expect around 150,000 students to access the digitized curriculum annually. We don’t think anyone would argue there is a significant need for financial education in our communities. WSECU plans to be an innovator and leader when it comes to bringing a meaningful and effective financial curriculum to the communities we work with.

Josh Bergman