Reflecting on 2015

Blog Author Ann Flannigan

Written by: Ann Flannigan, VP, Public Relations

Published: April 7, 2016

We move so quickly through the world now. It's true for many of us in our personal life as we swipe, swipe, swipe through the day looking at posts that capture both the mundane and the profound. They come and go at breathtaking speed.  We move quickly in the business world, too. We're often focused on the immediate, sprinkled with a generous dose of the what's next.

But reflection matters. Pausing to look at goals set and goals attained - or not - provides context and insights to prepare for what comes next.  

WSECU's collective reflections on 2015 are captured in our Annual & Community Report. Using data and stories, the report lets members know how WSECU performed from three perspectives: service, financial and societal. These are stories worth telling and celebrating.  

First, we share the many ways service to members improved last year; highlighting the changes that made your lives easier, like offering online account opening and adding two new branches. You'll also see the ways we strive to be a great employer to attract and keep the staff that care for you so well.  The report is a record of how we build on cooperative values and extend them into the greater community - truly putting people before profit by supporting organizations that seek to make life better for more individuals.  We've been increasing the ways we give back as a community partner and our investment was up again in 2015. Also up was the total number of hours our employees dedicated to volunteering in schools, food banks, shelters and many more places.  

The Annual & Community Report closes with a picture of a safe and sound financial institution that in 2015 had a healthy $21 million in net income. Nope, no shareholders to distribute that to. As a cooperative that income gets reinvested back for the benefit of all members. You know, for future stuff.  

For now though, go ahead and take just a few moments to review your credit union's 2015 performance by checking out the report. We'll all get back to the here and now soon enough. It's always calling.   

Ann Flannigan