Sharpening Our Listening Skills

Blog Author Kevin Foster-Keddie

Written by: Kevin Foster-Keddie, President & CEO

Published: July 7, 2016

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To truly serve you well we need to listen effectively. As a member-owned cooperative, it's essential for WSECU to understand how you experience WSECU today, and to learn how we can improve our products and create better experiences for the future. In short, we want to do more of what's going right and make changes when things need adjustments.

We're transforming the way we gather your feedback to invite you in to more of the conversation – and to give you a window into what we've learned.

Beginning in July, one of our first areas that we are improving is our survey tools. We use these to gather your thoughts about recent service experiences and overall perspective as a member. Our current method of gathering your feedback is admittedly a bit scattered. Depending on how you interact with the credit union, you might get one of several surveys coming from different departments at different times. These were written in different formats, the results stored in different places and generally not as convenient for you as we want them to be. We knew we could make the experience better for you and the insights easier to learn from for WSECU.

The new approach will be more streamlined, easier to complete and more relevant. In the coming months we will transition existing surveys to this new standard. Over time, you will begin to see new opportunities to provide feedback, both in post-interaction surveys via email and on

Will you have to hold your breath every time you open your inbox for fear of another survey? No. We're building time-bound rules into our survey design, ensuring that you won't be asked for feedback too often (even if you use WSECU a lot). We welcome your feedback in this area; if you feel what we're asking for is too much or too frequent, please let us know so we can continue to improve our practices.

The different ways we're seeking a better understanding of your experiences go beyond new survey capabilities. Member advisory groups, opportunities for pre-release testing and feedback, and more space for two-way discussions are all in active development.

A credit union is a people organization. We thrive when the cooperative's members tell us what we need to know and steer us where we need to go. We see this as an opportunity for a conversation, not a one-way message. We hope to begin that by sharing more about what we're learning from these practices and where your feedback is influencing future actions.  We'll look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Foster-Keddie

President & CEO