State Budget Worries? Come to Us.

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Written by: WSECU

Published: June 20, 2017

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We were founded by state employees and they continue to be a special focus for us. So when state employees need our help, we're there.

The Legislature hasn't reached agreement on a new budget. Because of this, thousands of state employees - including many members - will receive temporary layoff notices that could go in to effect July 1 unless a new budget is approved. We're certainly hoping that's not the case, but we're here to help if it is.  

If you have concerns about a temporary work stoppage and how it will affect you financially, please come talk with us. We have many ways we can help meet your needs during a difficult time:  

  • Skip-a-payment*: Take a month off from your WSECU loan payment.
  • Loan modification: In many instances, we can work with you to adjust the terms of your WSECU loan(s).
  • Q-Cash: A short-term emergency loan of up to $700.
  • Q-Cash Plus: A term loan up to 36 months for up to $4,000 with approval based on your relationship with us.
  • BALANCE: Free financial counseling and budgeting assistance through our trusted partner.
  • Work stoppage loan: Special loans for gaps in employment.
  • Loan consolidation: Consolidate debt for easier bill management.  

We're ready to help - give us a call.  

*Terms and conditions apply.