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Written by: Elizabeth Nuss

Published: May 27, 2016

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New blossoms, fresh cut grass and sunny days inspire me to get outside and enjoy the fresh new life spring offers. I recently took a trip to Seattle's famous Pike Place Market and the abundance of flowers, produce, entertainment and sense of community really struck me. We are so lucky to have markets like this throughout our beautiful state! Yes, they vary in size and offerings, but what's better than fresh berries from the market? Or enjoying lunch while watching an eclectic band performing, or better yet, watching your kiddo light up from a receiving a balloon animal from the kooky balloon artist.

Aside from all the joys of attending one of these neighborhood markets, just think of the impact they have on local farmers and businesses. At the credit union, we embrace the idea of coming together to support the communities we live and work in. Farmers markets do that too! We share a common goal of supporting our local economies. That's why we're happy to partner so many farmers markets across Washington. Next time you're in need of fresh organic foods, pasture-raised meats, free-range eggs and handmade farmstead cheeses or if you're just looking for a lovely afternoon enjoying your neighborhood, consider stopping by your local farmers market and be part of something bigger than you. 

Here's a list of farmers markets we partner with:

Elizabeth Nuss