Technology Happens

Blog Author Jamie Raines

Written by: Jamie Raines, Specialist, Consumer Lending Administration

Published: July 17, 2015

Found in: News/Press

If someone told me 15 years ago I couldn't go tanning without scanning my thumb, I would have never believed them. Yet here we are in an age where technology has expanded so much, even tanning salons are able to verify identity by your fingerprint.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the prime era of technological advancements. The games I played as a child (The Oregon Trail) are much different than the games I am able to play today. I can remember the first time I played an Xbox. I couldn't believe how realistic the graphics were. Now 10 years later, we are playing even more realistic games on consoles and PCs. A game was recently released called ARK. The cool thing about ARK is it has taken pieces of history and used technology to make extinct animals come to life. You are able to live and interact in this virtual world of dinosaurs and other gamers.

The growing world of technology has provided gamers with many hours of entertainment. But what does it mean for businesses and consumers? I'm sure you have seen businesses start using iPads to run credit card transactions. Even things we do weekly, such as grocery shopping, has evolved over the last few years. Stores offer reward cards where you can pre-load coupons before you shop. Automobile companies have also used technology to improve your driving experience - have you seen the cars that can parallel park themselves?! If you haven't gotten an opportunity to interact with a Fitbit, I would recommend it. This wristband tracks all your daily actions from how many steps you took in a day to how many hours you slept in a night. It even has a silent alarm that will vibrate to wake you up in the morning.

The bottom line is technology is something that is changing nearly all aspects of our lives. In the finance world we use technology to streamline the members' experience. Over the last few years, WSECU has implemented many efficiencies with the help of technology. If you have taken out a loan with us recently, you may have had the opportunity to sign your documents electronically or on an iPad. We have also entered the world of mobile check deposits, online account opening and Apple Pay. Things that seemed impossible a decade ago!

Who knows what the future of technology will be like, but I'm so excited to find out. Maybe in the next 50 years we will have a flying car, like the Jetsons. Only time will tell!

Jamie Raines