TEDxSeattle: The Journey

Blog Authors Adrian Grissom and Elizabeth Billings

Written by: Adrian & Elizabeth

Published: September 18, 2017

Found in: Community

Taking part in something larger than oneself is an exhilarating feeling. Imagine how it feels to multiply that feeling by close to 3,000 like-minded people gathered together to learn, engage, and to become inspired. We have been able to experience this culmination of learning and emotions first-hand for the past three years. Our engagement with TEDxSeattle through WSECU has been a rewarding one on so many levels.

As WSECU volunteers, we get the opportunity to not only experience the wide variety of speakers and topics presented throughout the day; we also have the pleasure of interacting with attendees as we facilitate audience engagement stations dispersed throughout the venue. These stations give the audience an avenue to discuss and express their feelings from each set of talks. We have met some of the most amazing people at these stations, and listening to their stories and engaging with them throughout the day is awe-inspiring. You cannot help but feel the energy building throughout the day. It is powerful.

TEDxSeattle is an event like none other. It connects you to your neighbors in a way that breaks down walls and barriers. You feel connected to not only your neighbor, but also to your community as a whole. We have met people who have traveled from all over Washington to experience TEDxSeattle, and each person has expressed that they will take what they've learned that day and implement it into their community. TED's mission is "ideas worth spreading," and we would say it is working.

Being involved with TEDxSeattle is one of our favorite opportunities through WSECU. Witnessing the presenters speak with such fervor and passion is a sight to behold. The energy that builds and pulses throughout McCaw Hall is contagious. Being part of that energy is why we keep coming back and why our partnership with TEDxSeattle is so strong. We look forward to going back this year, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you, too.

Adrian Grissom & Elizabeth Billings, Marketing