We’re All In for You and We’ll Be By Your Side

Blog Author Nikki Penney

Written by: Nikki Penney, Representative, Member Solutions

Published: April 16, 2015

Found in: Budgeting, Loans

We’re All In for You and We’ll Be By Your Side

Several years ago my family went through a financial hardship. We were not living outside of our means and had a good income coming into our household. The provider for our family was informed that the company he worked for would be selling the business and he got employment with the company that bought out his old one. Needless to say things did not go as planned. We were struggling and things became very difficult for us. I had nowhere to turn. Of course, people always have the option of asking family for help but it is so difficult to bring yourself to be able to do that. I had no one in my corner and no one was willing to work with us. We eventually had to move and we did recover, but I will never forget how alone and how desperate I felt. Do you make your car payment, mortgage payment or put food on the table? These are questions people should not have to make alone.

At WSECU we want to help and are here to help. I love this company because every single day I can help people. This is something I have always wanted to do and I am achieving this on a daily basis. This is a feeling that I share with every person I work with. We are all committed to making sure our people are taken care of. We never want anyone to feel alone or like they have nowhere to turn.

I know that when you read the title to this you may think it doesn’t ring true but it is! There is a whole department that is dedicated to helping you succeed. Every person in the department is here to listen and help you get through a tough phase in life. We all have the knowledge and experience to address these situations head on. We do not want you to go into default or face repossession. You are all valued by us and we want you to succeed.

If you are ever faced with a financial burden, a listening ear is never too far away. Give us a call; we are here to help you get through this rough stage in life.

Nikki Penney