Welcome to Our New Digital ‘Branch’

Blog Author Kevin Foster-Keddie

Written by: Kevin Foster-Keddie, President & CEO

Published: April 21, 2015

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Welcome to Our New Digital ‘Branch’

We've been working for the last two years on our website redesign to build you a digital “branch” that is just as welcoming, just as efficient and just as helpful as our physical branches. Members, let me introduce you to the new wsecu.org (drop the confetti, cue the music!)

First things first: Online Banking has not changed. You’ll find your login box right at the top of the website where you expect it and that feature remains the same.

Before you jump in to Online Banking, however, take a tour around the new site. We built it from scratch to meet members’ changing needs with special focus on a few key foundational elements:

  • Providing you fresh, changing, useful content.
  • Adding more self-service features.
  • Bringing the people behind WSECU forward for you to hear from in blog posts that share experiences and tips.
  • Helping you easily access resources. We know that looking for things like mortgage calculators or fraud prevention tips needs to be easy to find day or night.
  • Assuring that no matter what device you’re using –mobile, tablet or desktop – the site is clean, clear and easy to move around in.

As always, members helped us along the way to get to this final product. We turned to a focus group of members that provided terrific feedback to help us see how our decisions and intentions worked – or in some cases didn’t. That input was instrumental in realizing the site we have today.

It’s more than a banking site – we also see it as a kind of community hub. We’ll be sharing more about how we are a contributor to the neighborhood – the one around the corner and the big one called Washington State. There are lots of touches that we hope reflect the things you love about your credit union and some new elements you’ve been waiting to see.

So here we are! Take a look around and let us know what you think. And keep checking back. Hope to see you around the digital neighborhood again soon.

Kevin Foster-Keddie