We’re Still Up to Some Good

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Written by: WSECU

Published: June 22, 2018

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Our staff loved our Up to Some Good program so much last year that it's happening again in 2018.

"This started as a celebration for our 60th anniversary but it was so well received last year that we decided to continue it," explained Ann Flannigan, VP of Public Relations. "We think it connects them in a new way to the community and it increases their pride and engagement as employees."

Employees have up to $50 to lend a hand and do some good in our communities. The guidelines are simple and let employees respond in the moment to an opportunity they see to spread goodwill. They first spend their own money and are then reimbursed by the credit union.

To date, staff members have used the funds to help a family with basic necessities; purchase blankets, gloves and food for the homeless; pick up the tab for a soldier's dinner; secretly pay off others' layaway items at local stores; and even pool money together to stock up a local food bank with fresh vegetables.

"When we talk about this program in our New Employees Orientation, people's eyes light up at the thought of being able to be a renegade do-gooder," Flannigan concluded.  "They can't wait to find their opportunity."