Your Portfolio is a Garden

Gardening and financial planning have quite a bit in common. It may not seem that way, but it's true. Let me give you some examples.

Did you plant your garden early enough to take full advantage of the growing season? Did you start investing early enough to maximize your compounding returns?

Did you cultivate a plot with enough exposure to sunlight or did your plants require more shade and protection from the elements? Did you allocate your portfolio with enough exposure to growth industries or did it need more protection from market fluctuation?

Did you fertilize it and water it? Did you contribute to it regularly? 

Did you consult with an experienced master gardener? Did they give you the advice you needed to garden with confidence and optimism in anticipation of a bountiful harvest?

Did you consult with an experienced financial advisor? Did they help you navigate investment strategies with confidence and optimism in pursuit of your financial goals?

If so, then when it comes time to harvest, may you find your portfolio's dividends as rewarding as the yield of fruits on your tomato vines.

WSECU Investment Management employs a team of financial advisors with a wealth of knowledge and experience who have been providing investment services to our members for over 20 years. Our advisors are committed to WSECU's mission: "Together, we can take care of today and grow for tomorrow." Our goal is to make managing your assets a less stressful and overwhelming task on your to-do list. We stay up to date on investment product research, economic trends and market conditions to help you make the informed choices for your portfolio allocation. If you've enjoyed the financial services you've experienced at WSECU, then we believe you'll also enjoy working with our highly-skilled financial advisors who are available to meet with you at any of our branch locations. 

Let us watch over your nest egg so you can spend more time in the garden.