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Reward Points? Build Credit? The Chip?

What do you want your credit card to do for you? Rewards points? Maybe it's all about the chip. Or, you simply want to build credit or have one on hand for emergencies.

If any of these apply, so does our Visa® Platinum Rewards card. It's simple...and it flexes to meet your needs.

Looking for some information on credit cards? We've partnered with EverFi, a leading expert in financial education, to bring you information to help you reach your personal financial goals. Explore how credit cards work with EverFi's Credit Card module.  

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Features & Benefits

Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Rates
0% APR1 Balance transfer offer for new cards
10.50%-13.50% APR Purchases, cash advances and standard balance transfers
MORE RATES & FEES     Effective Date: June 18, 2018

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1APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Offer valid for 60 days after new card issuance. 0% APR will be applied to transferred credit card balances for six billing cycles after the balance transfer date. A fee of 2% of the amount advanced, up to $25, applies to all cash advances. After six billing cycles, any remaining transferred balances will have the variable APR disclosed in the current Important Credit Card Disclosures. Offer does not apply to cash advances. WSECU loans are not eligible. Some restrictions may apply.

  • Automatic Payments
    Automatic Payments

    Isn’t forgetting to make a loan payment the worst? It doesn’t look good on your credit report and sometimes there are late fees to boot. Yuck. The simple solution is automatic payment and we’d be more than happy to help set it up for you. If you’d like to schedule automatic payments yourself, give it a try under the Payments tab in Online Banking.

  • E-Statements

    We’re all about eco-friendly, and e-statements help keep things a little tidier all the way around. You can sign up for them under the Documents tab in Online Banking, be notified by e-mail when they’re available for viewing and know they’re securely stored for you. No more hard copies to file and shred!

  • Mobile Banking
    Mobile Banking

    Mobile Banking is account management on the go. Having the ability to check balances, keep tabs on activity and transfer funds on the spot – along with several other features – is very handy and pretty much the norm these days. We’re happy to oblige.

    You have a choice – browser or app – but you'll want the app because...wait for get Mobile Deposit!

  • Online Banking
    Online Banking

    Online Banking is one of the ways we help you make banking the most enjoyable hassle of your day. And when there’s access to check balances and activity, transfer funds, pay bills and more whenever you need it, banking really isn’t a hassle at all, right?

  • Payroll Deduction
    Payroll Deduction

    What is payroll deduction? It’s a way to have part of your paycheck deposited into an account or applied as a loan payment. We’re happy to accept payroll deductions if your employer offers it – check with your company’s payroll department for more information.

  • Shared Branching
    Shared Branching

    Shared Branching is the cooperative spirit in action. Thanks to a partnership with several of our fellow credit unions, you have WSECU branches away from home at over 5,000 participating credit unions. You can search for Shared Branches on our Locations page.

  • Telephone Banking
    Telephone Banking

    If you’d rather use a good old-fashioned phone to access your accounts, meet Telephone Banking. Our automated system lets you check account, loan and credit card balances, make transfers, check withdrawals and more. A quick call to our Contact Center for an access code will get you started. We also offer a guide with a detailed list of available services.

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