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Bill Pay Overview

You want an easy, secure way to pay bills, right? We have it and guess what it's called? Bill Pay, of course. There's more to it than the name implies, though. Sure, it's the easy, secure way to pay bills – but it goes beyond that. It helps you manage those bills from beginning to end, each and every month.

Bill Pay Features & Benefits
  • Easy setup and management of payees
  • Schedule payments through Online Banking or Mobile Banking
  • Receive e-bills from participating payees
  • Review up to two years of bill history
  • Set payment reminders

Don’t have Online Banking yet? No worries – we can help.

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Member Story
Nicole M.

We just got a call from your wonderful fraud protection department - our debit card was compromised just about 30 minutes ago. It was used twice but denied thanks to this wonderful fraud protection we have working for us! Darn thieves, they don't give up and WSECU keeps us protected, thank you!!