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Online Banking Overview

Check balances. Make transfers on the fly. Keep tabs on your transactions to help prevent fraud. Set up loan payments. Pay bills. Search transactions, set up account alerts, create a budget. Anytime, anywhere, safely and securely. See where we're going here? That's right – Online Banking, at your service. Because friends are always there for each other.

Online Banking Features & Benefits
  • Transfers to other member accounts
  • Transfers to accounts you have at other financial institutions
  • Customized account alerts
  • E-statements – convenient, secure and eco-friendly
  • Manage and pay bills with Bill Pay

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Photo of Nicole M.
Member Story
Nicole M.

We just got a call from your wonderful fraud protection department - our debit card was compromised just about 30 minutes ago. It was used twice but denied thanks to this wonderful fraud protection we have working for us! Darn thieves, they don't give up and WSECU keeps us protected, thank you!!