Vehicle Insurance

Our members were pretty excited when WSECU Insurance Services opened its doors. When they found out they could buy vehicle insurance through us and save money, they did dances of joy. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating…but they really did like it. Join the excitement – check it out and see how much you can save.

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Property Insurance

Same scoop here – there’s a good chance for you to save on your homeowners or renters insurance too. Take a quick trip to our property insurance page to learn a little more, then request a quote online or give our representatives a call and chat over the phone. We also offer earthquake insurance - ask us about that too.

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Term Life Insurance

Life is special and it’s natural that we want to protect the ones we love. It’s hard to beat the peace of mind you’ll have by making sure your family is protected and term life insurance is one way to do just that. We’d really like to help you have that peace of mind – why not take a few minutes to see how this coverage could benefit you?

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