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Statement and Notification Production Resumes

July 18, 2022

We have good news — business operations have resumed with the third-party vendor that handles our mailings. This means the processing and delivery of account and loan statements is moving back into production.

We continue to work with our vendor on the delivery schedule. Account and loan statements are taking priority and we appreciate your continued patience during this time. As a reminder, you can log in to Online or Mobile Banking any time for loan and account information. You can also stop by your local branch. If you need to call our Contact Center, please know we are currently experiencing high call volumes and extended wait times.

Recap of What Took Place

Our third-party vendor experienced a cybersecurity incident that affected the vendor’s ability to conduct business for its clients.

The investigation of the incident revealed that an unauthorized party obtained some data files containing member information. Sensitive information, such as account numbers and Social Security numbers, was masked or truncated in the large majority of these files. In a very small number of instances, the files included unmasked member data, resulting in a compromise of those records. The impacted members will be contacted directly for these cases.

Although data-masking controls worked to protect most sensitive information involved in the incident, we understand that it’s concerning to learn about any unauthorized access or a compromise of any size. We’re committed to assuring data security not only within the credit union but also with any vendors we may use.

Enhanced Security Measures Added

Following best practices, we reviewed the cybersecurity incident to identify ways we can improve the security controls already in place with this and other vendors. Based on that review, we’re requiring additional security and encryption measures to further protect your data. We also received an attestation from the vendor's independent consulting firm outlining steps the vendor has taken in response to this incident, which provided the confidence for us to resume services again.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this time.

Your perspective is important to us and helps us see where we’re hitting the mark and where there might be areas to improve.