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Board Leadership

Meet Your Board of Directors

Board members are deeply committed to the mission of the credit union. They monitor the cooperative’s performance and hold management accountable to deliver consistent value to members and to assure a strong and stable future for the credit union overall. Board directors often have experience in areas such as organizational leadership, governance and policy, finance, community engagement and information technology. Effective directors are independent thinkers who contribute at board meetings and in high-level decision making, always putting members’ needs first. Board members invest many hours each month in committee service, board meetings and information review. This volunteer commitment is considerable and also very rewarding.

Want to get in touch with them?
Send an e-mail or write to:
Board of Directors
Olympia, WA 98507

Board Of Directors

Board Member Tracy Guerin

Tracy Guerin

Board Chair

Tracy has been a Board member since 2009. She serves as Director of Department of Retirement Systems.

Board Member Carole Washburn

Carole Washburn

Board Vice Chair

Carole has been a Board member since 2002. She is retired from the Department of Labor and Industries where she served as Deputy Director for Operations.

Board Member Trudy Soucoup

Trudy Soucoup

Board Secretary

Trudy joined the Board in 2017. She is CEO of Homes First, a nonprofit housing provider headquartered in Lacey.

Board Member Marcus Glasper

Marcus Glasper

Board Past Chair

Marcus was elected to the Board in 2012. He is the Director of Washington's Lottery.

Interim Board Member Veronica Bronkema

Veronica Bronkema

Board Member

Veronica began serving on the Board in 2018. She is a Regional Administrator for Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Board Vice Chair Doug Mah

Doug Mah

Board Member

Doug has served on the Board since 2011. Formerly the Mayor of Olympia, he owns and operates Doug Mah & Associates, LLC.

Travis Matheson

Travis Matheson

Board Member

Travis began serving on the Board in 2018. He is a retired Captain from the Washington State Patrol.

Board Member Vikki F. Smith

Vikki F. Smith

Board Member

Vikki was elected to the Board in 2021. She is the Director of Department of Revenue.

Board Member Mike Vanderlinde

Mike Vanderlinde

Board Member

Mike joined the Board in 2021, after his retirement as the Director of Government Financial Relations and Reimbursement at UW Medicine.

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