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Create credit history

Build credit and get rewards for on-time payments.

Create credit history

Build credit and get rewards for on-time payments.

WSECU Create® Visa® card

Annual percentage rateCredit card APR refers to the interest amount paid on post-due balances.*


Earned rate decrease


Credit limit

$250 - $2,500

Recommended if:

You're a student or new borrower looking to build credit.

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Here's what you'll need

Get rewarded for on-time payments

  • 1

    Make on-time payments for 6 months

  • 2

    See your rate drop 0.25%

  • 3

    Repeat until you reach a 2% reduction

Three perks of the WSECU Create Visa

Tiered late fees*

Emergency cash disbursement

Lost or stolen card services

Included with all WSECU Visa cards

  • No annual fee*
  • Auto rental insurance
  • No balance transfer fee*
  • Emergency cash/card disbursement
  • Standard Visa card benefits
  • Roadside Dispatch® service
  • Global customer assistance services

Frequently asked questions

For every six months of on-time payments, your rate will drop 0.25%, until you reach a 2% reduction.

No. Rates are not raised for missed payments. However, the six-month period for making on-time payments to earn a rate reduction will reset.

If there is no balance or minimum payment due, the payment period will not count toward the six months of on-time payments.

The first late fee is $10.00, or the equivalent of the minimum payment due, whichever is less. The second is $20.00 and all others afterward are $25.00 unless the minimum payment due is less in each instance.

The WSECU Create Visa card helps establish credit history. With opportunities to lower rates and a tiered late payment system, it is designed to encourage good credit habits that will support a healthy credit score in the future.

Optimize your credit card for good financial health

How will you use your card?

Will you need to carry a balance? If so, go for a low rate. Will you pay your monthly balance in full most of the time? If so, go for the rewards.



* See Important Credit Card Disclosures for complete details.† Rate will decrease by 0.25% every six consecutive on-time payments, up to 2%.

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