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Supervisory Committee

Meet Your Supervisory Committee

Members of the Supervisory Committee work together collectively to ensure members’ assets are safeguarded and to oversee regular reviews and audits of credit union records. The work involves understanding the financial reporting process of the credit union and the ability to verify that appropriate internal controls are in place to mitigate risk. Each month, they volunteer considerable time at meetings and information review, leveraging professional experience and knowledge in areas that can include accounting and business, risk management, information security, regulatory compliance or financial services. Supervisory Committee members bring objectivity, exceptional integrity and sound judgment to their work on behalf of the membership.

Want to get in touch with them?
Send an email or write to:
Supervisory Committee
Olympia, WA 98507

Supervisory Committee

Committee Member Svein Braseth

Svein Braseth

Supervisory Chair

Svein joined the Supervisory Committee in 2021. He was the Director of the Bond Program for the Office of the State Treasurer until his retirement in 2024.

Committee Member Susan Freese Baker

Susan Freese Baker

Supervisory Vice Chair

Susan was elected to the Supervisory Committee in 2018. She is a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

Committee Member Wendy Weeks

Wendy Weeks

Elections Supervisor

Wendy has been a Committee member since 2013. In 2022 she concluded her career as Internal Auditor for the Office of the State Treasurer.

Committee Member Dr. Tysha K. Tolefree

Amy McMahan

Committee Member

Amy joined the supervisory committee in 2024. She is the Project Management Office Director at the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems.

Committee Chair Yolanda R. Wilson

Yolanda R. Wilson

Committee Member

Yolanda has served on the Committee since 2012. She was the Financial and Administration Officer for Pierce County Community Connections until her retirement in 2022.

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