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Digital Wallet Supports All Mobile Pay Systems

Use Digital Wallet with your WSECU account!

Use Digital Wallet with your WSECU account!

Make every transaction easier by using your smartphone or wearable device with your WSECU account. Digital wallet technology lets you store your card information on your mobile device. That means every trip to the cash register is as easy as pulling out your phone.

And the best news — WSECU now supports all mobile pay systems, including Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Getting started is simple since most devices come with the proper app already downloaded. Here’s a brief description of each device to get you started. If you have any questions, contact your mobile device provider — they’re the experts!

Samsung Pay

Open the Samsung Pay app (a blue icon that says “Pay”). Tap the “Menu” icon, then “Cards.” Follow the prompts to set up your information.

Google Pay

Open the Google Wallet app. If it is not already downloaded to your phone, you can get it on the Google Play Store. To add a credit or debit card, tap “Insights,” then “Show all accounts,” then “Add account.”

Garmin Pay

Open the Garmin Connect app and tap one of the two “Menu” icons. Select “Garmin Pay,” then “Get Started.” Follow the prompts to set up your card information.

Apple Pay

Open the Wallet app and tap the + button followed by “Debit or Credit Card” from your iPhone. From your Apple Watch, open the Wallet app, then scroll down and tap “Add Card.” Follow the prompts to add your card information.

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