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Card Disputes - FAQ

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When do I submit a dispute?

If you are unable to resolve the disagreement with the merchant/financial institution, you can submit a dispute. The information you provide gives the details and documentation about the transaction and the steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue with the merchant.

I want to dispute a transaction. How do I do this?

  • Call us at 800.562.0999
  • Stop by your local branch
  • Message us digitally through Online Banking

The representative you work with will gather and submit your dispute and any additional documentation such as receipts or images that support your claim. The claim will then be processed within 10 business days.

What is provisional credit?

Provisional credit is a temporary/conditional credit issued to you while the dispute is in process. At the end of the process, the credit will remain on your account if the decision is in your favor. If the decision is in favor of the merchant, the credit will be removed from your account.

When will provisional credit be given?

Provisional credit is issued when a completed dispute is submitted with proper documentation. WSECU provides provisional credit within 10 business days of receiving information about the transaction. In cases where we are not providing provisional credit, we will send a letter of explanation within 10 business days. If we don’t receive the necessary documentation, we’ll reach out to you with a request to provide additional information.

What role does WSECU have in the decision of the dispute?

The only role we play is to send the dispute documentation to Visa. Visa will review your information along with information provided by the other party. Visa’s decision is based on Visa’s Core Rules and Product and Service Rules which govern the participation of their financial institution clients in the Visa System which would include terms and condition of the agreement between you and the merchant/financial institution.

How long can it take for a dispute to be resolved?

Generally disputes can be resolved in 60 days. Because every situation is different, the timelines may vary. Some may take 120 days or more to complete the process. Additional information may be requested and we’ll contact you via email or letter in these instances. If you do receive this request, it's important to respond within the timeframe given in the email or letter to ensure the dispute process continues.

If my dispute is not ruled in my favor, what happens next?

You’ll be referred back to the other party for any further attempt in resolving the disputed charge. In some situations, you may need to file with small claims court, Better Business Bureau and/or Attorney General’s Office.

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