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GET Guaranteed College Tuition

When you invest in a college education with the Guaranteed Education Tuition program (GET), you'll reap the benefits of a tax-advantaged account that prepays college tuition, guaranteed.

GET is Washington State's 529 prepaid college tuition program, which is guaranteed by the state to keep pace with tuition increases at Washington's highest priced public university. In addition to being accepted by colleges in Washington, GET accounts are accepted for payment by nearly all public and private colleges, universities and technical schools across the country (and even some foreign countries).

GET accounts aren't limited to your children. You can open them for anyone – a child, grandchild, niece or nephew, friend – even yourself. The only requirement is that either the student beneficiary or the account owner be a Washington state resident at the time of enrollment.

When the student beneficiary starts college, GET units can be used to pay for tuition, room and board, books or any other qualified higher education expense. Complete details on how the value of these units is determined and how to use GET units for college expenses are available on the GET website.

Enrollment takes place annually from November 1 through May 31 - visit the GET website for details.

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