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How to Manage Authorized Users in Online Banking

1 minute read

If you need to provide Online Banking access to someone who is not an owner on your account, you can set them up as an authorized user. You control the actions an authorized user can perform and the areas of the account the authorized user can see.

Important: You are responsible for transactions sub-users conduct as well as monitoring their credentials and access privilege. Learn more in the Online Banking Agreement.

How to create a sub-user

  • Click on the Manage Users subheading under Profile & Settings
  • Click Add Authorized User
  • Fill in the authorized user's first and last name, email address and choose a username and password for them to use
  • Select which accounts you would like the authorized user to have access to
  • By default, the authorized user will have 24/7 view-only access to all the accounts you have selected. Select Yes or No to allow them to transfer funds on specific accounts and select the Review button.
  • Review the settings and select Create User

Delete, suspend or Edit an Authorized User

  • Click on the Manage Users subheading under Profile & Settings
  • Each authorized user will be listed with a summary of their access. The text Delete, Suspend and Edit can be used to manage access.

Unlock an authorized user

  • If an authorized user enters their credentials incorrectly 3 times, their access is locked. You can unlock them in Online Banking.
  • Sign in to Online Banking and click on the Manage Users subheading under Profile & Settings
  • The locked authorized user will display. Click the text Unlock and the authorized user can now sign in.

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