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How to use Quicken with Online Banking

1 minute read

WSECU provides automatic online (OFX) access to your account information that can be configured within your personal financial management software, such as Quicken. This process allows you to directly download your account information into your software.

Connect to WSECU in Quicken

  • Locate WSECU in the list of financial institutions provided in Quicken. 
  • Enter your Online Banking username and password to access your information.
  • As you use Quicken, you may choose to enter your credentials and update your transactions during each session or use Quicken's scheduled updates feature to update automatically.


  • Updates: We recommend installing Quicken updates as you're notified that they're available. Updates are intended to improve the user experience, fix bugs and enhance security.
  • Credentials: If you’re having trouble updating your transaction information in Quicken, be sure the credentials you're entering or have saved match your current Online Banking credentials.
  • Locked out: If you've tried to access your account multiple times without valid credentials, you may be locked out. Please contact us at 800.562.0999 so we can help.
  • For more help, visit the Quicken Support page.

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