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WSECU Launches Three New Visa® Credit Cards - Press Release

September 6, 2018

WSECU Launches Three New Visa Credit Cards Fueled by Member Feedback

September 6, 2018 (Olympia, Wash.) – WSECU has unveiled a suite of three new Visa credit cards it developed in response to a 2017 WSECU member needs survey. The survey tested credit card concepts, features, behavior and preferences. WSECU’s new credit cards offer more options for different kinds of borrowers, including a cash back card and one to help people new to credit build and use credit wisely.

“We listened closely to our members as we developed these products,” said Andrew Becker, Vice President of Product Design. “The survey gave us insights into potential cardholders’ habits, likes and dislikes, and it made clear that different consumers are looking for different value out of a credit card. Members now have more options, whether they are interested in perks and features or prefer the straight-ahead value of a low rate.”

When asked what members found most appealing about their credit cards – regardless of the issuer – the top three answers were: cash back, low rates and low fees. WSECU’s product designers set to work over the last year to incorporate these features into the new card product line.

In addition, WSECU took to heart input on the look and design members prefer. Survey comments revealed a clear desire for stylish, modern card design that connects to members’ Washington state pride.

“We chose color and features reminiscent of the moss in our rainforests, evergreens in our mountains and bright blue skies in Eastern Washington’s high desert,” Becker added. “We decided to shake things up a bit by positioning the logo vertically and gave a nod to the tech industry by using sleek Tungsten metal for the Cash Back card. The material and imagery on the cards themselves proved to be important. Our team worked hard to develop something as unique and beautiful as this great state we all call home.”

The new WSECU Create, Low Rate, and Cash Back Signature Visa card feature summaries are listed below. The new cards complement an existing fourth credit card, the Visa Platinum. 

The WSECU Create Visa is designed for students, young adults and new borrowers looking to build credit. To encourage good payment and debt management habits, the Create card’s interest rate decreases .25% for every six months of on-time payments, up to a max of 2%. The Create card offers a low first-time late payment fee of only $10 ($20 for the second time, $25 after that) and a lower spending limit range of $250 - $2,500 to keep borrowers new to credit with a level of manageable debt.

The WSECU Cash Back Visa Signature card perfect for those seeking cash rewards for everyday purchases and who typically pay off most or all of their balance monthly. The card offers up to 1.5% cash back (1% cash back on purchases, 0.5% cash back on payments) with no annual fee. The cash back rewards do not expire, and there are no limits on cash back. The limit range is $5,000 - $50,000. The cash back feature is seamless, with no extra steps needed on the part of the member to redeem.

The WSECU Low Rate Visa is good for consumers who typically pay more than the minimum payment but less than the full amount each month. It features a special introductory rate on balance transfers and a consistent post-promotional low rate. The credit card is right for someone who carries a balance, for large purchases, debt consolidation or emergencies. The all-around low rate remains low after the introductory period ends. Limits range from $250 - $50,000.

The WSECU Platinum Rewards Visa remains available and is appealing for credit card holders who appreciate redeemable reward options for things like merchandise, gift cards and airline tickets. Card users earn one point for every dollar spent. The Visa Platinum card is well-suited for borrowers who typically pay all, or most of their monthly balance.

WSECU is an Olympia-based, not-for-profit credit union open to all Washington residents with a special emphasis on serving those who embrace the values of giving, sharing and supporting their communities. WSECU has 260,000 members, 21 branches, and $3 billion in assets. It commits 4 percent of its annual net income to invest back into the communities it serves through partnerships with education and other nonprofit institutions.

Your perspective is important to us and helps us see where we’re hitting the mark and where there might be areas to improve.