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Pay It Forward Program Going Strong

June 7, 20212 minute read

When we introduced our Pay It Forward program in 2017, we had no idea how popular it would be with our staff.

It began as part of the credit union’s 60th anniversary celebration. With the theme of “Up to Some Good,” the program encouraged employees to spend up to $60 of their own money to lend a hand in our communities. Once the support was given, the credit union reimbursed the employee.

“It was so well received that we decided to continue it,” explained Ann Flannigan, Vice President of Public Relations. “We think it connects them in a new way to the community, and it increases their pride and engagement as employees.”

Up to more good

With the challenges presented by COVID-19, we increased the amount each employee could pay forward to $100. Employees have taken advantage of the opportunity to help their communities in a variety of ways, including:

  • Donating to local shelters and food banks
  • Fixing a neighbor's broken fence
  • Providing support to local food service staff who were laid off due to the pandemic

A total of approximately $62,900 has gone to supporting our local communities since the program began.

“When we talk about this program in our New Employees Orientation, people’s eyes light up at the thought of being able to be a renegade do-gooder,” Flannigan concluded. “They can’t wait to find their opportunity.”


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