Bill Pay FAQ

If you have bills to pay, we have a tool for you. Bill Pay is a secure, convenient, free service you can access through Online Banking. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get about Bill Pay:

How are payments processed?

Payments are sent one of three ways:

  • Over 70% of payments are sent electronically. 
  • Cashier's Checks are mailed prior to the payment date and deduct from your account on the scheduled pay day.
  • Draft checks are also mailed prior to the payment date and clear your account similar to a personal check.
How do I manage bills and billers in Bill Pay?

In Online Banking, select the Bill Pay tab. Bill Pay will pop up in a new window.

Select Manage My Bills, select a biller from the drop down, and you'll be presented options for the changes you are able to make, e.g.: add, update or delete an automatic payment, update biller information, delete this biller, etc.

What should I do if my biller did not receive my Bill Pay payment?

Sometimes the biller may not credit your account immediately after receiving a payment. It may take a few days for the biller's payment system to show the credit to your account. Wait a few days after the scheduled payment date to see if it is credited to your account.

To verify the payment information is correct and was sent according to schedule:

  • Review your biller's information in Payment Center by clicking on the biller's name. The address and account number information will appear on the right side of the screen in the Payment Assistant section.
  • Locate your payment in Bill History and click View Detail to view the details of the payment.
  • If you schedule a same-day payment, the biller receives and acknowledges the payment on the current business day or the next business day, depending on the time of day when you enter your payment information. However, the biller's payment system may not credit the payment to your account until the next business day. If you want to verify the payment, you should wait a day or two before contacting the biller.

If you have questions at any time, please contact us at 800.562.0999. Bill Pay assistance is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 888.618.7638.

What if a Bill Pay check is lost in the mail?

Contact us at 800.562.0999 and we'll place a stop payment on the item at no charge.

Tips for using Bill Pay:
  • If you're trying to align bills with your deposits, keep in mind that recurring bill payments that fall on a weekend will be sent to arrive the Friday before the weekend.
  • It's helpful to schedule your payment to arrive before the final due date. While Bill Pay will send the payment to arrive by the date you select, some billers may not process payments immediately.
  • If you have questions, Bill Pay has an online Help feature and personal assistance is available 24/7 from our Bill Pay provider at 888.618.7638.