Exchanging Currency

Does WSECU accept any foreign currency for exchange?

We can exchange Canadian bills at our branches. We are unable to accept other currencies or any foreign coins.

Does WSECU have foreign currency available?

All of our branches may have Canadian currency on hand. Please call ahead to make sure the branch you plan to visit has the currency available when you need it.

Where else can I get foreign currency?
  • Check with any other financial institutions you use, as they may have currency available.
  • Currency exchange kiosks are available at many airports.
  • While you are traveling, you can visit a local bank to do a cash advance off your debit or credit card, or withdraw local currency from a local ATM.
ATM Safety Tips:
  • Choose an ATM in a well-lit location, and avoid secluded areas.
  • Do not allow anyone to direct you to a particular ATM or assist you in using an ATM.
  • Never use an ATM that looks tampered with or damaged.
  • If possible, use an ATM that is monitored by a security camera.