Why You May (or May Not) Receive a Tax Form from Us

Tax forms relating to your account with us are available in Online Banking if you are opted in to e-statements or through mail if you are not.

Tax Forms for Dividends Earned

Members who earn $10.00 or more in dividends in one year will receive a form 1099INT the following January.

Tax Forms for Interest Paid on Real Estate-Secured Loans

Members who pay $600.00 or more in interest on any one real estate-secured loan over the course of one year will receive a form 1098 the following January.

Other tax forms you may receive from us include:
  • 1099C - Debt Discharged
  • 1099R - IRA Distribution Totals
  • 1099SA - HSA Distribution Totals
  • 1099Q - Coverdell ESA Distribution Totals
  • 5498 - IRA Fair Market Value