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Meet Your New CEO

September 23, 20192 minute read

Gary Swindler became WSECU's new CEO October 1. Learn more in the following article he wrote to members.

Introduction to Gary Swindler

I am excited and humbled to be the new President & CEO at WSECU. I started working with our members 30 years ago as a loan officer in Olympia. It quickly became clear this was the place for me. I’m a people person and when you get down to it, banking isn’t just about money, it’s about people. We get to be a part of helping members get their first home, have a reliable car for work or find support during hard times. Sometimes, it’s just about making your day easier by offering simple ways to access your money, which lets you spend more time on the other things that matter to you.

CEO Gary Swindler

Gary's Background

I’m a lifelong Washingtonian. I grew up in Tumwater and then went on to Washington State University. In 1989, I landed a job at WSECU and couldn’t believe my luck. In a way, WSECU and I have grown together. Over three decades, I’ve worked in roles that exposed me to nearly every facet of the organization and financial services. At the same time, the credit union itself has grown and evolved to meet changing member needs.

More about our new CEO

CEO Gary Swindler

Gary sign-off

Part of the secret to our success has always been that members tell us what’s working well and where we can improve. Let’s keep that conversation going. You can email us at any time with your comments, questions and suggestions.

Thanks for being a member of WSECU. I look forward to serving and supporting you.

Gary Swindler Signature

Gary Swindler

Your perspective is important to us and helps us see where we’re hitting the mark and where there might be areas to improve.