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March 18, 20192 minute read

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On Tap this Month: Tax Season Fraud

Taxes are top of mind this year - not just for those of us filing them - for scammers too. Here's some information along with some resources to help keep your personal information and your refund where they belong: with you. 

IRS Scam Warning Signs

  • Receiving a call from the IRS about an issue with your taxes
    • Scammers often use fake caller IDs with Washington D.C. area codes - don't be fooled. The IRS makes contact by mail first. 
  • Receiving an email from the IRS
    • Remember, the IRS makes contact by mail first.
  • Attempts to coerce you into taking immediate action.
    • Using fear tactics and threats you don't follow their instructions.

Steps to Take if You Suspect a Scam

  • IRS representatives have two forms of ID - a pocket commission and HSPD-12 card. Ask for them and then verify them with the IRS.
  • If you receive an email, don't click on any links or respond. Forward it to the IRS at, then delete it.
  • If you're contacted by phone and it's obviously a scam, hang up.
  • Read our blog for more information and tips. 

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