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Security Central

June 24, 20192 minute read

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Your Cybersecurity Resource

Security Central is here to:

  • Provide education about cybersecurity
  • Help you protect yourself
  • Keep you informed on current security issues

This Month's Topic: Shred, Clean, Protect, Update

Every year on the last Saturday in July, our Shred & Share event takes place. It’s the perfect time to dispose of documents you no longer need, especially those containing sensitive information. We’re hosting Shred & Share on July 27 at several branch locations – mark your calendar! Read on for more ways to protect your information.

Protect Yourself at Home

  • Check your credit reports - receive them free annually at
  • Check your FICO score regularly as well. Many credit card companies offer free monitoring.
  • Gather old documents you don't need and dispose of them securely or bring them to our Shred & Share event.

    Protect Yourself Online

    • Keep your security software current.
    • Turn on automatic software updates.
    • Use your security software to scan USBs and other external devices.
    • Change passwords every three to six months.
    • Read more about online security practices.

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